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Именно тут на помощь и приходит точечный замер экспозиции! При точечном экспозамере, включающемся на GoPro в режиме Spot Meter. What is Spot Metering? How to use spot meter? Exposure, by definition, is the determination of the amount of light to reach the film in order to produce a correct image. Minolta's Spotmeter F is designed for professionals and advanced amateurs alike. While looking through the meter's viewfinder, you can take precise, 1-degree spot.

Spot meter-Spot Meter на камерах GoPro

Spot meterThe best way to learn the zone system is to read this Ansel Adams book.

Spot meter

Before going any further you need to know the zone system. Presuming you know spot meter Zone System: Do It Put the camera on Manual exposure and point the camera around while looking at the exposure bar graph. To use the Zone System you have to be very systematic and the auto modes my usual favorites are not the way to spot meter.

Spot meter

When to use a spot meter? The spot meter is used when the photographer wants to get exactly what he or she is looking for. With all other metering systems, when photographing a complex more than one tone subject, one can never be sure of the exact outcome. Other metering systems lend themselves to subjects that are of average contrast short tonal range. The above subject is mostly dark. The running water subject is basically average. The lighter parts are balanced with the darker tones and the overall image as you look at it is neither dark or bright. In this case the spot metering will not be necessary although it can be used to provide the photographer with a reading that can be interpreted to provide the approximate correct exposure. В чем же их отличие? При оценочном экспозамере камера анализирует яркость в разных зонах кадра, выбирает среднее значение для всех зон и выставляет в соответствии с ним экспозицию. Точные алгоритмы анализа яркости каждый производитель камер держит в секрете, поскольку они включают сложную систему расчетов: Данные параметры необходимы для того, чтобы получить картинку с равномерным освещением, избежать пересветов или затемнений кадра на отдельных участках, и, как следствие, уменьшить вызванную этим потерю информации. Данный режим съемки оптимален для большинства ситуаций и позволяет получить довольно spot meter и гладкое изображение. Однако, в экстремальной съемке зачастую условия далеки от идеальных. Like spot metering, some cameras can use spot meter points to take readings from, in general autofocus pointsor have a fixed point in the centre of the viewfinder. Partial metering is found mostly on Canon cameras. Leica SLR film cameras always featured selective metering. Multi-zone metering[ edit ] Honeycomb Metering on a Dynax 5D. The AF point was set to the eye of the toy; the camera has been able to produce a good exposure, by not being fooled by the strong back lighting of the out of focus areas. This mode is spot meter called matrix, evaluative, honeycomb, segment metering, or esp electro selective pattern metering on some cameras.

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Here the camera measures the light intensity in several points in the scene, and then combines the results to spot meter the settings for the best exposure. The actual number of zones used varies wildly, from spot meter to over a thousand. However performance should not be concluded on the number of zones alone, or the layout. In general, the most advanced metering is found on single-lens reflex cameras. Many manufacturers are less than open about the exact calculations used to determine the exposure. A number of factors are taken into consideration, including the following: